The Crew-Cuts

Inducted in 1984

In the 1950s, Canadian vocal groups dominated the music charts, not only in Canada and the United States, but also in Europe. The Crew-Cuts, the Diamonds and the Four Lads — all from Toronto — had a total of 38 hits on the Billboard Top 40 charts. The music they made helped pave the path for rock and roll in North America.

Career Highlights


1 hit “Sh-boom” stays on the charts for 20 weeks.


Reach No. 3 with “Earth Angel.”


The Crew-Cuts, The Four Lads and The Diamonds form in Toronto in the early 1950s.

Quick Fact

Toronto deejay Barry Nesbit invited the group to sing on his weekly teen show where they were dubbed The Canadaires.

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Quick Fact

The Crew-Cuts hit “Sh-Boom” was No. 1 for two months in 1954.