Ian & Sylvia

Inducted in 1992

They only recorded together for a decade, but the music of Ian & Sylvia made an immense impact on the Canadian folk, rock and country scenes.

Born in Chatham, Ontario, in 1940, Sylvia Fricker left her hometown in 1959 to pursue a music career in Toronto after graduating high school. It was there that she met her future musical partner (and husband) Ian Tyson, a BC native who originally wanted to be a rodeo cowboy. The duo started performing together full-time in 1961, moved to New York in 1962, and married in 1964.

Career Highlights


Inducted into the Mariposa Folk Festival Hall of Fame


Made members of the Order of Canada


Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

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Ian and Sylvia, 1968

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“Four Strong Winds” was the first song Ian Tyson ever wrote.