Blue Rodeo

Inducted in 2012

Blue Rodeo remains one of Canada’s foremost rock’n’roll bands more than 30 years after its formation, even though their music owes as much to country (and a bit to the blues) as it does to rock.

At the band’s heart is the songwriting partnership of frontmen Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy. The pair met at North Toronto Collegiate high school but did not start performing together until after graduating university. Their initial bands, the Hi-Fi’s and Fly to France, met with little success. But Blue Rodeo, which debuted at Toronto’s Rivoli club in February 1985, quickly developed a following for their alt-country sound thanks to a rigorous touring ethic that saw them travel back and forth across Canada, with occasional forays into America.


Quick Fact

Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy met in high school.

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Quick Fact

The band appeared appearance alongside Meryl Streep in the 1990 film Postcards from the Edge.